Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Interwoven with Yogic Practices

Individual sessions  |  Billable to insurance

This type of session consists of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (talk therapy) with practices such as pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, and asana (yoga stretches) interwoven into the session. Here’s an example of how this might look: Let’s say we are discussing a traumatic event from your past in attempt to figure out how it is keeping you stuck in your life today. Perhaps you begin to get anxious revisiting these memories and your mind starts racing. It can be so hard to think straight when this happens! Your muscles tighten up, your breathing speeds up, and your heart may start to race too! In that situation, we might pause to do some breathwork or even move into the yoga therapy room to move and stretch a little to release some of your anxious energy. Trauma is stored in our bodies, so physical movement can be so helpful in the process of healing. Also, this teaches you ways to calm and soothe yourself in the moment of distress so that you may learn to do so on your own outside of session. Once you are able to access a state of calm, we could continue the talk therapy session. Additionally, we can incorporate the yogic practices that worked best for you in session into a personalized Daily Self Care Plan to make care for body, mind, and spirit a part of your everyday life.

Sessions look a little different for everyone since we each have our own unique stories and goals. This is just one way that Therapeutic Yoga might be interwoven into a session. Together we will design a way to structure our sessions that works for you!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EMDR Interwoven with Yogic Practices

Individual sessions  |  Billable to insurance

This session includes all services listed in the description above with the addition of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). This type of therapy can be very effective if you have particularly distressing memories of events that are still impacting you today. Click here to learn more about EMDR

Therapeutic Yoga Only

Individual sessions  |  Not billable to insurance

This is wonderful option for someone who is already seeing a therapist and would like to learn calming techniques, but doesn’t feel comfortable in a group class setting.  After an in-depth assessment to determine your needs, you can experience pranayama, asana, meditation, guided relaxation exercises, Yoga Nidra, and more depending on your goals.  We will also create a Daily Self-Care Practice so that you may incorporate these healing practices into your everyday life outside of the sessions.

Therapeutic Yoga Group Classes

With or without individual sessions  |  Not billable to insurance

This is a lovely, relaxing class that focuses on empowerment, calming, and self-regulation (regulating your emotions even in difficult circumstances). An increased level of interoception is also a goal. Interoception is the capacity to sense and feel what is happening in your body. You’ll gain the ability to recognize anxiety building more quickly so you can calm yourself before panic sets in; and also to tolerate sensations in your body rather than numbing out or disconnecting to avoid discomfort.

This Trauma Informed Therapeutic Yoga class is designed to be sensitive to the needs of trauma survivors and those with high anxiety as you are on your path to healing. Pranayama, meditation, asana, and even Yoga Nidra are incorporated in this weekly class.

Consultation and Education

I conduct seminars, private yoga classes, and workshops for businesses and groups of people.  I am especially fond of facilitating classes for fellow mental health professionals! We can discuss the unique needs of your organization or group and design an experience just for you.  ​Contact me ​to set up a consultation.


When using insurance, rates vary depending on plan coverage and co-pays.  You can contact your insurance company to find out what your investment will be.  I am paneled with Friday Health Plans, HealthChoice, UMR and United Healthcare insurance.  If you have a different insurance carrier, not to worry!  Many insurance companies offer out-of-network benefits that still cover a large portion of the session.  

If you pay out-of-pocket for sessions (not using insurance), the investment is $145 per 50 minute session. I do save a limited number of spaces in my schedule for those in great financial need. If you feel that I would be a very good fit for you and you agree to be highly committed to the therapy process, please email me at

Consultation/education rates vary depending on event and number of people attending.

The investment for Therapeutic Yoga group classes is $85/month (covers the entire month of weekly classes).

Click here to learn more about Therapeutic Yoga group classes.

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