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Tulsa Trauma-Informed Yoga For Anxiety Classes, mental health professional workshops, and other events.

Exalted Ease: A Tulsa Trauma-Informed Yoga Program For Anxiety

Learn simple tools to calm your worried mind, soothe the traumatized parts of you, reclaim your body to access peace and receive support from a loving community! A combination of in-person group classes, online meetings, fun and safe social events!

Soothe My Soul: Trauma-Informed Yoga & Education To Reparent Your Anxious Inner Child

An in-depth, self-paced online course designed to teach adult survivors of childhood trauma to access peace in body, mind, spirit and reparent the most innocent parts of your soul!

On Demand Trauma-Informed Yoga Videos

Trauma-Informed yoga anytime, anywhere!  Over 50 videos to help you release anxious energy and reconnect with your body.  Movement, breathing exercises, guided meditations, grounding – this site has it all.