Tulsa Trauma-Informed Yoga For Anxiety Classes, mental health professional workshops, and other events.

Exalted Ease: A Tulsa Trauma-Informed Yoga Program For Anxiety

Learn simple tools to calm your worried mind, soothe the traumatized parts of you, reclaim your body to access peace and receive support from a loving community!

The Exalted Ease program includes:

  • Monthly in-person small group (12 or less people) yoga classes that include movement, breathing exercises and meditation based on my Release, Relax, Redirect Method©️ for anxiety. Access a feeling of peace and rewire your brain so you can feel scared or shutdown less often!
  • Activities themed to teach you how to connect with your Inner Child, Reparent the wounded parts of you, and discover who you really are underneath your anxiety.
  • Monthly Yoga Nidra class – a guided meditation experience that can help you enter a deep state of relaxation and help direct your brain toward forward movement on your goals
  • Monthly online group guided meditation
  • Full access to my on-demand Trauma-Informed Yoga video website (50+ videos) so you can practice at home if you wish
  • Monthly education on a simple tool to help ease your anxiety in everyday life
  • Full access to online community forum so you can connect with your group anytime you wish
  • Quarterly social events to bond with your group even more deeply…and have fun!
  • Exclusive invitations to special events such as retreats, etc

Investment:  $120/per month.  *Your FSA/HSA may be eligible – email Pam about this!*  Financial aid available for those who qualify. To Learn More:  Click Here

Soothe My Soul: Trauma-Informed Yoga & Education To Reparent Your Anxious Inner Child

An in-depth, self-paced online course designed to teach adult survivors of childhood trauma to access peace in body, mind, spirit and reparent the most innocent parts of your soul!

I’d like to teach you:

  • To understand why your body and mind often feel afraid and panicked or shut-down and lethargic
  • To feel empowered to reconnect and feel safe in your body via tools to gently “wake” your body and mind from that foggy, disconnected feeling or calm the amped up, panicky feelings triggered by anxiety or trauma reminders
  • Simple methods for safely tuning in, responding to the needs and reparenting your Inner Child – the innocent part of you that holds your trauma or fears.
  • How to start reconnecting with others, safely let love in, and begin living your best life through love rather than fear!

This in-depth course is based on my Release, Relax, Redirect Method ©️ for anxiety – a method drawn upon my work with trauma survivors for over 20 years as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapist, as well as my own personal relationship with anxiety. Each week you will receive a new yoga video to help you Release anxious energy from your body, Relax through breathwork, and Redirect you back to the present moment through grounding.  A guided meditation that fits with the theme of the week is included as well.  Inner Child Reparenting education and a “Suggestion of The Week” will be offered to help you heal the most innocent parts of your soul and give you specific ideas on how to implement these skills in your everyday life.  Video, audio, and PDFs are provided to assist every learning style!

The same movement sequence is offered every 4 weeks with weekly “add-ons” for a little variety. This is so you’ll know just what to expect and don’t have to worry about what yoga pose will come next! This helps you really sense and feel the sensations in your body as you move, helping you develop a sense of connection and empowerment with your body. Common physical ailments (tight neck, shoulders) of trauma survivors are considered. No yoga experience? No worries! The focus of this class is on empowerment, choice, exploration and connection with your body rather than perfect yoga alignment.

This course is very special to me.  I created the series after years of research, deep meditation and incorporating the principles into my own life, so it comes from the most divine part within me. I think it is just as healing for me to create it as it is for those who participate.  I am so honored to share it with you!

Investment:  $120/per month for 6 months.  Cancel anytime if it is not right for you!  Financial aid available for those who qualify. To Register:  Click Here