Therapeutic Yoga Class FAQ

How is a Therapeutic Yoga Class different from a public yoga class?

In Therapeutic Yoga, there is less emphasis on yoga poses, alignment, and the group moving in unison and more emphasis on personal choice and experience.  In this class, you decide how you move, when you move, if you move!  You are in control of your body and your experience.  The class size is also limited; and it is closed to the general public.

Will I have to talk about my anxiety or what happened to me?

No.  This class is not group therapy.  You will never be asked to share your personal story.

When/Where is the class held?

Wednesdays, 9:00-10:00 am, at MOjo Movement Studio.  The address is 2607 S. Memorial Drive, Suite C, Tulsa, OK, 74129.  The studio is very easily accessible from Hwy 51 or Hwy 44!

What do I wear?

This class is very down-to-earth; and there is very little emphasis on what you wear or what you look like.  All that matters is that you wear comfortable clothing you can easily stretch in!  This could be athletic clothing designed for working out or even just a loose fitting t-shirt and pants or shorts made with fabric that breathes and stretches.  Yoga is generally practiced barefoot, but you can keep your socks on if it makes you more comfortable.

What do I bring?

You are welcome to bring your own personal yoga mat.  If you don’t have one, no worries!  We have everything you need waiting for you there.

What is the cost?

The class fee is billed automatically The last week of every month until you wish to cancel.  The cost is $85 per month. This includes all classes for the entire month. The monthly rate is to encourage full participation – you are much more likely to attend something you pay for in advance!  It is very important to attend every class if at all possible. Consistency is key when overcoming anxiety and healing from trauma.  Plus, your group needs you! Having people drop in and out of class changes the dynamic of the group; and one goal for this class is to keep things predictable so that people feel safe.  Refunds will not be provided for missed classes.